Kit contains:
- Pasteur pipette with nut 30 pcs.
Attention! Not suitable for children under 3 years.
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Cartesian diver

You will need:
·    Plastic bottle with lid 1 pcs.
·    Pasteur pipette with nut 1 pcs.
·    A glass of water 

Preparation for the experiment. 
1. Fill the pipette 1/3 with water. Squeeze the pipette and immerse it in a glass of water, now dilute and pipette will be filled with water. Make sure that it stays afloat at the water level. (If the pipette drops to the bottom, take it and squeeze a few drops of water, and then repeat the test until it floats properly. Our future diver must jump up and down when you touch its' top, sticking out of the water.)
2. Fill the bottle with water to the very edge of the neck. It is very important! Place the pipette in the bottle and tighten the lid tightly.

Squeeze the side walls of the bottle and you will see how our diver will go to the bottom. Relax the pressure of your fingers or palm and it will float up again. By adjusting the pressure on the bottle, you can make our diver stop in the middle.